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Design Review

Design review is an independent and proven method in evaluating new development and in achieving high quality design in the built environment.  Design review is undertaken by an independent, impartial and multi-disciplinary panel who provide constructive and expert advice at the pre-application stage of a scheme. 

Design Review is referred to in the National Planning Policy Framework. Paragraph 62 of the NPPF states: Local planning authorities should ensure that they have access to, and make appropriate use of, tools and processes for assessing and improving the design of development. These include workshops to engage the local community, design advice and review arrangements, and assessment frameworks such as Building for Life. These are of most benefit if used as early as possible in the evolution of schemes, and are particularly important for significant projects such as large scale housing and mixed use developments. In assessing applications, local planning authorities should have regard to the outcome from these processes, including any recommendations made by design review panels.

As the Midlands Design Review Panel, we are best placed to provide the above service to local planning authorities in the Midlands.

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Shaping Streets Design Review

The Covid 19 pandemic has emphasised the importance yet again of streets – how the public use these important public spaces. The complexity of managing traffic whilst promoting walking and cycling for better health and wellbeing has come to the fore. Communities are interested in how existing and new street design can be enhanced to create better public places.

Shaping Streets Design Review is a design tool to support those designing and implementing streets in delivering excellent places, taking into account advice from CIHT.  Shaping Streets Design Review provides an expert Panel to be a critical friend in supporting conversations with delivery partners.

Shaping Streets Design Review will provide advice and signposting on how to achieve:

  • Sustainable travel – integrating walking, cycling and public transport,
  • Regeneration of existing streets,
  • Improving public space on streets,
  • Health and wellbeing - air quality, green spaces etc.,
  • Economic resilience - for local businesses,
  • Social value – including cultural benefits.

Shaping Streets Design Review can be used on the following:

  • Existing Streets – particularly if undergoing transformation, such as the High Street,
  • Interchanges - railway, bus and intermodal,
  • New Streets - particularly those associated with housing growth.
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Training and Professional Development 

We offer training for professionals and community groups on planning and placemaking topics. The sessions can be tailored to suit any budget, and can cover topics from urban design, planning policy, highways design and much more. Design Midlands has developed course content and delivered training events to town planners, urban designers, elected members and highway engineers from several local authorities and the private sector. Our team have been commissioned to deliver bespoke training sessions to help embed good design in planning decision making and plan making. To find out more please get in touch.

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Support

Design Midlands offers urban design and creative expertise to capture ideas about the built form, about creating new places and protecting existing places. We provide useful advice and guidance to help with community engagement and planning advice on how to secure the best outcome for your town or village. Design Midlands has been involved in a number of neighbourhood plans, allowing community groups to have their say on a range of planning and design issues. Our team has been commissioned to prepare specific design guidance, to be integrated into neighbourhood plans, producing material and evidence to support robust design led planning policy. Equally, we have ran and organised community workshops, enabling groups to analyse and record the qualities and characteristics of their area, key evidence base material for good plan making.

Planning Support

Design Midlands offers a range of services, to support the progression of developments through the planning system. Providing baseline evidence is essential to secure the best outcome for a place – whether in policy preparation, appraisal of impact by new development or in regenerating the old. Delivering place checks or place analysis, conservation area appraisals or workshops that focus on particular aspects– such as drainage or highways can secure the evidential requirements needed to progress a scheme. 


Art in the Built Environment

Integrating arts at the early stages of built environment schemes is recommended. Talk to us about our full range of support services from visioning and policy through to delivery and completion of schemes.


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...because everyone deserves better designed places
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