Webinar 7:

On your Bike

Paragraph 73 of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (currently out for consultation) reflects the work of the Transport for New Homes Group, requiring large urban extensions or new settlements to offer genuine public transport options.

Streets are essential and integral to the places where we live, work and socialise.  The pandemic has emphasised the importance yet again of streets – how the public use these important public spaces. The complexity of managing traffic whilst promoting walking and cycling for better health and wellbeing has come to the fore.

Gear Change: a bold vision for walking cycling was published Summer 2020 comprising the following themes:

Theme 1: Better streets for cycling and people

Theme 2: Cycling at the heart of decision-making

Theme 3: Empowering and encouraging Local Authorities

Theme 4: Enabling people to cycle and protecting them when they do

This session will discuss new approaches in designing for walking and cycling? What are the opportunities? What are the challenges? How to convince others in undertaking a new approach?

Garry Hall Chairing, Emily Walsh, Daniel Morris

Webinar 6:

The new National Model Design Code – meeting the challenge

Paragraph 133 of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (currently out for consultation) adds clarity to the role design plays, in particular reflecting the weight of design guides and codes. But how do the Design Codes differ from what is being done already by many Local Planning Authorities e.g. they are required to provide design codes for key sites? They will require resourcing, shifting consultation to engagement and collaboration, how can stretched Local Planning Authorities approach this in innovative ways? Are Design Codes missing the bigger picture – how to address existing places and different scales of site? Speakers will outline their experiences and cover some of these questions.

Garry Hall Chairing, Laura Alvarez, Phil Smith

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